Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 1

It is officially June 21, 2010, a date I have been looking forward to for more than a year. I am taking a five month sabbatical - what a fabulous concept for renewal and excitement. Genealogy is a passion so I am finally indulging myself. I leave in a few hours to search for eastern relatives - some breathing, some not. My goal is to leave by 6am (it is now 12:15 am so I better hurry up and finish) and make Kansas City tomorrow night.

This blog is my effort to chronicle my adventure. I just hope I have figured out how to set it up correctly. The terror factor is right up the along with all the other electronic devices I have acquired to "ease" my journey and research.

I look forward to lots of family information, breathtaking scenary, lots of laughs, unexpected experiences and a new perspective on my future. I hope you will join me for the next 150 days!


  1. Hey Mom I hope you got out the door alright and the drive to Kansas City goes well. I'm looking forward to reading this Blog and so far it looks really good. Have a good time and be safe. Love Ron.

  2. And what is you over-the-road listening environment?

  3. Margaret, it is about time you did something great for yourself! Keep it up and have a wonderful time! Bob

  4. Hi Margaret,

    Good luck on your new adventure, so looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Love Muriel, John and David.

  5. So proud of you for doing this and hitting the open road! Have a great time and I'll see you soon!

  6. Hi all,
    It has taken until Day 3 to figure out that you all had sent me messages. I'm getting the hang of it. Of course, I inadvertantly locked the keyboard on my Blackberry and can't undo it. I now have to find the instruction manual.

    As for listening on the road - books on tape, easy listenint and rock.

  7. Sounds like you are making great progress and having loads of fun...despite Fiona's seemingly more than occasional mishaps...but then it wouldn't be an adventure if you didn't occasionally get lost. Much love!