Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 5

It is late so this will be short. I had a quiet morning, leaving Barbara's about 1pm. 2 hours later I was in Chicago and 2 hours after that I finally arrived at Pam, Jay and Lois' - in Chicago. Although I had overall directions from Pam and Fiona was programmed, I still made a delightful loop through S Chicago - costing me 80 cents in tolls along the way, found the Dixie highway which had little traffic at 4pm, and finally got to the Dan Ryan Expressway which was crowded but moving. Fiona hiccuped and I got off at the wrong ramp and headed for Chinatown. Knowing this was wrong, even if Chinese food was on the dinner menu, I made a few turns, went east and south and ended up on North Shore drive. The lake was lovely. I gave a friendly wave to the Natural History museum where we spent many happy hours as children. Fiona hiccuped again and I headed off at Randolph and a maze of underground streets - where I lost satellite coverage and had to guess my way back to the surface. Amazingly, we made Lois' by 5pm - intact.

Lois and I spent the evening looking at old records and pictures. Refreshing my memories and hers on childhood happenings, train rides to grandparents' homes, and attempting to sort out obscure people in photos. Tomorrow - off to Berwyn and Oak Park.


  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time - especially avoiding the congested Interstate highways as we discussed.

  2. Error - I should have said the Museum of Science and Industry. My bad