Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 20 - again

OK - I realized I skipped a day on the title of the blog so hopefully we are now back on track. It really is day 20.

An easier morning today. A phone call was in order to Ron to wish him happy birthday as I had done on the 8th for Karl's. FYI - Grandma Ruth Tukey's birthday was the 9th; she would have been 100.

Louise and I couldn't get out of the house for breakfast without delving into genealogy. I had to reshoot some photos that hadn't turned out well and then off to the Waffle House. After breakfast we headed to Kinko's and 1.5 hours of copying documents. Lots of letters, the ledger of Tukey history, etc. $34 and 200 odd pages later I had a stash. Then back to the house and a few more goodies.

Below are Julia Crie Dodge Tukey (gg grandmother) and her daughter Isabelle. Also - an old fashioned set of spoons and a fork. These utensils came from Alonson Davenport (ggg grandfather) but it is unknown exactly how old they are. The fork looks a bit uncomfortable to

Another great photo was this home in Peru Tnshp., Huron County Ohio (sorrow - I don't know why it is flipped 90 degrees). The photo must have been taken on a trip back to that area because it is quite overgrown. The note on the back of the photo states it is the home in which Esther Sutton (gg grandmother) lived the first 23 years of her life (1830-1853).
I left State College about 1pm intending to stay in Binghamton, NY. I bypassed that city arriving in Cortland about 5:30. I am ensconced in my motel room and had greek food for dinner. This area of NY is in the heart of the various places I will be researching over the next 2 weeks. Tomorrow I will catch up on some grants and then make my way to my nunnery retreat. Keep you posted!

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