Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 37

This morning I left Colchester to wend my way across the top of the NE. Winding roads through Vermont, New Hampshire and finally into Maine. Fiona the GPS let me down. She quit working in the Vermont mountains and hasn't come back on. I must speak with her handlers tomorrow to find out if they have lost all their satellites or if we are so far from Colorado that maps no longer exist.

I arrived about 4:30 at my cousin Barbara Shea's home in Waterville, Maine. Barbara and husband Dave have a lovely two-story home with lots of storage, an en-suite bathroom for me, and four cats to keep us entertained. Dave went out and brought home lobster, corn on the cob and cole slaw - what a way to begin my east coast adventures. Yummy! I shared family information with Barbara and will download many of the photos from this trip. Tomorrow we are off to Portland to visit the Eastern Cemetery where John Tukey and Abigail Sweetser plus many progeny are buried. Can't wait to start my research here. Much more tomorrow night.

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