Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 34

Today was wonderfully relaxing. We spent time discussing possibilities for the Williams family reunion in 2012. Then I had some time to read through the book on Moses Sutton. Wonderful nuggets of information plus long descriptions of Indian wars on the Pennsylvania and Ohio frontiers. This afternoon Hugh, Diane and I went over to St. Michael's College for a production of Blythe Spirits. The last time I saw this play was when dad took me to New York in 1965 and we saw Tammy Grimes as the spirit of wife 1 and Beatrice Lilly as the psychic. The play today was wonderfully done. A mixture of local and NY actors. The older woman playing the psychic was a master of physical comedy - truly delightful.

We were home about 5pm and then went out to a local pizza place with Anne Desmond's family for dinner. Great salad and time to catch up. Anne and Mike are in the throes of a young family with kids 14, 12 and 8. The kids are all busy with track, swimming and overnights. They keep Anne and Mike in a constant balancing act between work and family.

Talked to Karl in NC where the heat index today was 109 and his car air conditioning consists of crank windows but he is doing well and enjoying his job. This morning he went to a local community center where an acquaintance provides music opportunities for kids. Karl plans to develop some classes for adults and spend his Saturday mornings immersed in teaching and community music. Way to go! Heard from mom that Ray and the girls were over at the house doing yard work and helping Liz move a TV etc. I so appreciate all their help. I have yet to talk with Ron but hope the newlyweds are having a great weekend.

Am going to spend another hour with Moses Sutton and family before bed. Sleep tight (from the era where bed springs were intersecting ropes and every morning you had to tighten the stretched ropes in order to get a decent night's sleep that evening).

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