Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 102

Up and out this morning I headed south again hoping to find more information on Robertsons and Robinsons in the New River area. I stopped at the Wilderness Road Historical Museum in Polaski County and the Wyeth County Historical Society but no luck either place. By early afternoon, I decided I was spending too much time chasing small leads and needed to just head to the major source for information - the Library of Virginia in Richmond.

I took the backroads enjoying the countryside and listening to a book on tape. I stopped somewhere and in a parking lot pulled out my computer and portable internet access card to find a hotel room. It makes a huge difference in cost (often nearly 50%) to make an advance reservation rather than just pulling into cold. I ended up with a 10 day reservation at a very nice hotel in Richmond for an average of $60 per night because I got 3 nights free. I am going to enjoy the luxury!

Since the VA Library is open tomorrow, I will make my first foray into downtown. Hopefully, there will be less traffic on Saturday so I can get my bearings. Then Sunday - some sightseeing or go north of the city to find the plantation home of Edward Cunningham. We shall see.

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