Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 122

Fun day in the NC sun with aunts and uncles. Sightseeing, walking, eating, shopping, eating, visiting with friends, eating - I am stuffed. Along the way, we saw Hugh and Diane's beautiful campsite on Jordan Lake. The camping spaces are tucked in amongst the trees and quite hidden from each other. The lake front is totally owned by the state so access to the water is easy.

This evening we went to the Roost in Fearrington Village. They have evening beer, cheese, wine, and music outside under the stars. Many of Anne and Carl's friends dropped by including Ann Angers - Hugh and Anne's childhood friend from Westfield, NJ. I haven't seen her in 20 years and she hasn't changed a bit. Lots of fun - and more eating. I will have to walk six miles in the morning to make a dent in my caloric intake. Tomorrow - back at the genealogy information and photos as Anne and sort what to take, what to save and what to send to others.

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