Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 133

My traveling partner for the last 10 days left for home. I was sorry to see Anne go but I am sure Uncle Carl was thrilled to have her home again. A double bonus - today is their 52nd wedding anniversary.

I spent much of the day doing research and set-up for the rest of my trip. As I make my way to Henderson, KY to research Atkinsons and Holloways, I will take in some cemeteries and fill in a few of the blanks Anne and I were unable to finish.

Today, I managed to find the location of the Hayneses (an elusive bunch because of the common name). William Haynes and Agnes Pate Haynes (4gg) are buried in Meade County, just north of Breckinridge County, east of Cloverport. So far, I have found no record of their parents in Kentucky but believe they came from Bedford County, VA originally. Their daughter Emily married William Bowmer. William is buried in the Bowmer Cemetery in Breckinridge County - am not sure where this is but will ask at the court house tomorrow. Meanwhile, William H. and Agnes are buried in the old Haynes Cemetery on the Ohio River outside Brandenburg, KY as is Emily, under her 2nd married name. 13 years after William Bowmer died, she married a family friend but is still buried in the Haynes cemetery. This too will take some searching because the cemetery is located on the Fannie Haynes farm. Note: Fannie was alive in 1892. Who knows who owns the farm now.

I hope to get to Henderson tomorrow night and will spend 2 days there before coming back to Frankfort for some family searches in the Haroddsburg area over the weekend and research at the KY historical library next week.

Since I no new photos today, I will leave you with four of the Holt stained glass windows from Horsley Chapel from yesterday.

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