Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 140

Today started with a very flat tire. Thank goodness it was in the parking lot of the hotel and not on the open road. Realizing I had put 11,000 miles in 4 months on already used tires, I figured the best bet was to replace all the tires especially going into snowy weather. Thank goodness for AAA and WalMart. WalMart is not my first choice for any purchase. However, it is open on Sunday. By 10:15 I had new tires and was on my way to the Harrodsburg Historical Society.

I found some interesting papers in the closed vertical files. Two of them were bonds for $100,000 placed by Alexander Robertson and 3 others who served as sheriffs for Mercer County. Evidently the bond was required as these individuals were responsible for physically collecting taxes from all residents (in the years 1787, 1790) and getting them to the Virginia state government. I also found the guardianship papers for Margaret Robertson after Alexander died. No luck finding any cemetery listings for either Alexander or Margaret.

Leaving Harrodsburg, I worked my way north and east past Pleasant Hill and to the far side of the KY River gorge palisades - the gorge of limestone that cuts through the area. I went through the small town of Wilmore to High Bridge. High Bridge is known for its cantilevered bridge used for railway traffic. For us, it spans Dick's river at its convergence with the Kentucky River - just where Alexander Robertson and his family purchased 1,400 acres - and the property eventually given to the Shakers. It is trully a lovely location. I will leave you tonight envisioning this property on a golden, crisp autumn day.

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