Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 143

Today I was in downtown Frankfort at the KY History Society. I decided to focus on surname files first. These are files that contain research, letters, and various family history sources donated to the library. I started with Atkinsons and am making my way down the list of family names. Some files have lots of information. Some have nothing that pertains to us. I made it through:
Atkinsons - 1 file
Ballards - 6 files (I got some solid information on early Ballards into Virginia (~1650). There were two Thomases and 2 Johns before our Rebecca Ballard who married John Holloway (part of the Letcher line).
Holloways - 3 files
Starlings - 1 file
Lynes - 1 file
Letchers - 1 file
Perkins - 5 files
Robertsons - 9 files down, 3 to go

In Robertson file #6 was a court order for an apprenticeship. I'm sure it was standard for the day be seems rather depressing:

Order Book (court documents) 23, p 199. Dec. 16, 1794. John Keith aged 5 on 18th January next to be bound to Col. Alexander Robertson to learn the art and mystery of a farmer.

On the other hand, I am sure gg Davenport would be pleased to know that farming was so highly regarded 210 years ago.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the surname files and the biography files then move on to some selected books and the Draper paper microfilm. Good news (?) the History Society is open from 10am to 8pm.

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