Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 152

I am home. I hit the Colorado border about 1pm (MDT) and was at Ray's by 4pm. It was glorious to see the mountains. They are snow covered and lined the whole horizon by the time I reached Sterling, CO. Colorado Springs looks much the same but the grandkids have all grown and Archer is trying (so far unsuccessfully) to walk.

This has been the most glorious five month experience. I have learned a lot about myself as well as a wealth of information, insight, and appreciation for our ancestors. This trip encompassed
  • 152 days
  • 13,755 miles
  • 1 flat tire
  • 3 oil changes
  • 4 rubbermaid tubs of genealogy material
  • less than 14 days of bad weather
  • 0 unsolvable problems
  • hundreds of wonderful relatives dead and alive
  • 1000s of photos
  • dozens of grave stones

Fiona the GPS is a bit battered but still functioning. My car has survived despite being loaded to the gills. I highly recommend everyone designing a sabbatical experience -investing in your own personal passion. Many thanks to all of you who put me up, gave me encouragement, supported my excentricities, and read my blog. I couldn't have done this without you.

Tomorrow, I move into my new home. Life will return to "normal" but hopefully with more balance. I will spend the next year compiling stories and creating some books. A completely documented family history (citations and copies of all documentation will come later).

I will sign off - but keep in touch. This has been a life altering experience.

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  1. My husband is a Sweetser. His great-great-grandfather was Jeremiah A Sweetser (Jr?), born 27 Mar 1828 in Dixmont, Penobscot County, Maine & died 14 Nov 1894 in Crawford County, Kansas. He's buried in Cherokee Cemetery, in the town of Cherokee, in Crawford County, Kansas.

    I'd like to trace my husband's Sweetser family roots back to New England.

    In 2010 you posted about compiling your research into a book. Is it done? If it's available, I'd very much like a copy. Can you please let me know how to order it?

    There are only a few Sweetsers left in Kansas but several in Oklahoma & Texas, all descended from Jeremiah Jr. It's a shame your travels didn't bring you this way. If you come this way again, please do get in touch.