Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 14

Didn't get a chance to post info last night so a quick note this morning. Yesterday I was on the road, tracing a quicker more northerly route than our ancestor travelled. I stopped at Bushy Run Battlefield outside Pittsburgh. This was one of the final battle places of the Pontiac Indian War. Very interesting and a golf cart tour of the battlefield was the highlight.

On my way south to Chambersburg, I realized Fayette County, birthplace of the Suttons is just west of John. I may have to conscript him to do some local research. Arrived at John and Muriel's just after 5pm. We joined some neighbors for a picnic supper and lively talk. When it was finally dark - we enjoyed sparklers with David and some noisy poppers.

FYI - several of you have said you want to comment on the blogs. I appreciate it that you are reading them! I think you go to the end of the blog and hit the word comment (where it says Comment 0), a text box should come up that you can type in, then hit post. Let's see if this works! Hope everyone had a super 4th.


  1. Margaret - I think of you every day and read your notes, which are very interesting. Glad you had a good fourth. Best wishes for good ancestor hunting! Alan

  2. Thanks! Every day is an adventure. :-)

  3. I have just signed up so I can sent you comments.