Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 21

This has been a less intense genealogy day but worthwhile nevertheless. Up early, I spent a couple of hours working for paying clients and then off to do chores. Gas, laundry, copying, etc. A Verizon store was located just across the street from the gas station so I decided to see if they could conquer my internet access problem. I am paying for "anywhere" wireless internet so I figured we needed to get that working. The instruction manual was no help at all. A nice young man named Steve help troubleshoot my problem, got the software installed, and taught me how to use the system. Not complicated but what took him 15 min. would have taken me 15 hours.

I left Cortland, NY about 2:20 and reached Skaneateles about 3pm. It was a lovely drive, up and over green hills with the lake shining down below. I have never been to the finger lakes region and it is gorgeous. I could live here - of course those nice waterfront properties that come with the gardener and boat man are a bit out of my price range but ...

I found the Stella Maris Retreat Center easily. It was formerly a summer home to one of the Roosevelt clan. It has been expanded but has many period furnishings in the main reception areas. The nuns are all very nice and it doesn't seem to be silent week. I guess that is up to the leader of the group retreat currently in-house. In contrast to a group retreat, I had signed up for a private retreat. The nuns seem to be a mixture of modern (street clothes) and traditional (black habits and wimples). They are all very sweet and forgave me for my northern Irish/non-Catholic roots.

Dinner was on our own so I found some ham, cheese and a handful of cherries in the cooler and a swing down by the lake. There are numerous quiet spots, chairs, and benches located all over the grounds. Below was my view of the lake as I ate dinner and a view of the lake-side of the retreat center. It's going to be a rough week.

My room is on the second floor and measures about 7 x 10 feet. I have a bed, rocking chair, sink, desk, ceiling fan and window. The bathroom is down the hall. The center does have wireless internet but only in one spot (not my room) so it is a good thing I found Steve in Cortland!! Meals are provided at 8, 12, and 5:30. All I have to do is show up. I spent this evening plotting the various towns I need to visit in central NY. This area is a great crossroads for many of our ancestors but I will leave that for tomorrow's blog.


  1. What a beautiful setting. Do they allow sharing jokes by numbers or hand signals? Thank goodness you have your internet phone to keep you company.

  2. No hand signals - at least that I am aware of. Of course, not being Catholic I could be missing a whole underground network of communication and never know it!