Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 16

Just a short blog today. It is very hot here in Chambersburg - 100 degrees with a few more tacked on for the humidity. The humidity actually isn't too bad as it has been very dry here. John, Muriel and David took me to Gettysburg today. We went to the hilltop held by the southern troops. There we happened upon a man who was EXTREMELY knowlegable about the battle, where the various troops were located, where the generals were headquartered, how the battle moved across the landscape, plus information on buriels and encampments. Just fascinating and gave me a much better overview of the multi-day event.

Evidently, as early as 1864 both southerners and northerners recognized Gettysburg as a pivotal battle, and came to create special buriel areas and markers. It is amazing the number of troops involved and from every area of the nation (at that time). The day was a wonderful experience and the heat gave us a window into how hot it must have been July 1-3 150 years ago - a we didn't have stinky wool uniforms on.

Tomorrow it is on to Aunt Louise's in State College and her wealth of Tukey background. Back to work for me. I hope to make lots of progress!

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