Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 33

I am ens consed in Aunt Diane and Uncle Hugh's lovely home in Colchester, Vermont. Such a nice change from motels.

The weather has been cool today with some rain. I left Kingston just after 7 and, per Lois' directions, made my way to Hudson, NY. This is the town where dad was born. I definitely found the correct road (Mt. Marino Road) and maybe even the correct house. If nothing else the views of the Hudson River were spectacular.

I then made may way towards Shelburne, VT. I met Hugh, Diane and their friend Bob at the Shelburne Museum. This is a spectacular acreage where furnishings, carriages, artisan craftware, and even a steamship have been collected and made available for viewing. We saw a Vermont pottery collection, quilts from the families of Alzheimer's patients, an Ansel Adams exhibit, the steamship Ticonderoga, and some lovely period room transplanted from the Webb family's NY apartment to a specially constructed home on the grounds.

Late in the afternoon we made our way to Hugh and Diane's house. Saw cousin Mike Desmond and the kids (Anne was out with the neighborhood women). We had a simple dinner and best of all, great conversation - an item sorely missing in the last two weeks!

On a family history note, the book I found in Ohio on the Sutton family and ordered from the 81 year old author in Pennsylvania was here when I arrived. Great late night reading!! Will let you know what I discover.

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