Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 24

It has been a long day with lots of driving. I am tired tonight so will make this short. I left about 10am for Geneva intent on seeing the area where my father and his siblings grew up. I was looking primarily for various homes. I found 500 Castle Street - HBT and Margaret's first home looking much as it did in 1921

I saw the Brooke Street hill where Lois careened into the creek on her sled. I found White Springs Road, Snell Road and Barracks Road but none of the houses looked like 5 Acres. I will need to go back with one of you from that generation to figure out where the house stands/stood. I found the big house on Slosson Lane with the small house across the road where the small Tukey children lived. Then it was off to find the Mellon Farm. Yes, Lois, we were correct. The farm is now Ventosa Vineyards and quite lovely.

I then got back on the road and returned to Mt. Morris and the historical repository for Livingston County. I found some cemetery listings so set off to find more hidden graves. The Christian Church/Ford cemetery is badly neglected. Many of the stones are knocked over. Most are hard to read. Originally, it must have been in an open area. The graves are now surrounded by tall trees with roots growing over and around the stones causing even more disruptions. I did find the gravestone for William and Roxanna Peabody - our ggg grandparents (parents of Roxanna Peabody Coats). Their stone has been replaced in the not too distant past so it is easy to read in contrast to most. It is nice to know that someone still remembers and takes some care of the Peabody graves. Down the road 1/2 mile is the Emerson cemetery. There were many Peabodys including a large monument to Sheffield Peabody (author of the diaries) and his wife. This cemetery is well tended and still used.
Fiona, the GPS voice, and I argued all the way home. She wanted the toll road. I did not. I am sure we wasted a good 30-45 minutes. I may have to turn off the electronics and go it on my own - or not. Off to bed. I head for Ithaca tomorrow.

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