Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 105

It was a long day at the library. Seven solid hours of looking through manuscripts and files. The goal was to see if I could pick up some threads on some of our lines that just list a name, a date, and a location but few details. Because many areas did not keep vital statistics it is frustrating trying to move the Atkinson and Bowmer lines backwards - with confirming details - no just guesses.

I did have one lucky break. I found several generations of of the Starling family. Anne Starling married John Holloway. Their daughter Lucy married George Atkinson. I knew that Anne's parents were William Starling and Suzanne Lyne and a few dates but no location other than Virginia and no other generations. I found that William's father was William Starling of King William County, VA. They were a well known Virginia family. His father was Roderic, his grandfather William, and his gg grandfather was Sir William Starling - knighted in 1661 and served as mayor of London in 1670. Now that I have a lineage and location, I will look for probate records for confirmation/connectivity between the generations.

Tomorrow - back to look at microfilm and do more research. Wednesday I will head to the VA Historical Society. They are holding photos from the Howard's neck Plantation for me plus some other manuscripts.

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