Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 106

I'm tired tonight. I don't know if I can write a very coherent blog but here are a few highlights.

1. Found great information on the Starling-Holloway family. The individual who wrote the research (in 1874) was born in 1809. Suzanne Lyne and William Starling (our 6G grandparents) were his grandparents and he knew, met and interacted with most of the people who populate that strand of the Atkinson line. What was wonderful was that the Starling information I found yesterday actually came from this book. So I now have additional information on Holloways and Lynes. Besides filling in blanks and pushing lines back to where and how people came to the new world, I recognized the Holloway family chart that Maggie and Gramps had given me originally came from this book. However, instead of 1 page it is 3- John Holloway and Anne Starling had six children, not four. I just had never seen the rest of the chart!

All of these families were agrarians and merchants. Many well-to-do in VA before going to Kentucky. William Starling's parents died when he was young. Col. William Lyne (Suzanne's brother) was the parents' physician. He took on the guardianship of William and his brother and sister, raising them to adulthood. When William was 18, he married Suzanne (age 17). This angered her father (old William Lyne Sr.) so William and Suzanne moved to Mechlenburg Co, VA and then Kentucky. They never reconciled with old William but seemed to correspond regularly with her siblings. BTW - for my boys - William Starling (b. 1756) was 6'3". His sons Lyne and Edmund were 6'6". Guess we know where some of the tall genes come from.

2. We are clarifying the Holt line. It looks like two groups came - one from England and one from Germany. We are from the German line (I now have several generations with dates and places in Germany.) A group of Germans (the Germanna) came in three waves to VA - they were recruited as experienced iron workers. Michael Holt, his mother and stepfather were part of the group that arrived in 1717. They were suppose to go to Philadelphia but instead many perished on the trip and the remaining 100 were sold into indenture for 8 years to the Gov of VA - Spotswood. Michael worked off the indenture, married and acquired several hundred acres of land in what is now Madison County, VA. He and his wife Elizabeth Scheible then moved with their children to North Carolina (~1767-69).

Michael Jr. married Margaret O'Neill, from a well-to-do Irish family. Their son Joseph S. Holt (b. 1755) moved to KY and I believe was the father of John W. Holt and grandfather of Joseph Holt (Advocate General on Lincoln's cabinet) and Elizabeth Holt, our ggg grandmother on the Bowmer side. I probably can't prove this until I get to KY and find the probate records. The lineage is confirmed through wills and deeds down through Joseph Holt Sr. as is his move to KY and the fact that he is an ancestor of Judge Joseph Holt. Now I just need to link the KY residents.

To bed.


  1. Margaret,
    I am disappointed to learn about your HOLT research. The Randall Holt line from England, I think, is my lineage. It will be interesting to see what you find in Kentucky.

  2. I will keep you posted. I will also send along anything I find on the Randal side when I finally hit home and get a few things sorted.