Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 130

Short Blog. Busy day. Lots of good luck.

We found:
  • 5 wills for various family members

  • numerous marriage records

  • gravesites for my 4 g grandparents - William Haynes Bowmer and Margaret Sterett Bowmer in Cloverport, KY - (see below)

  • The Bowmer House in Cloverport - we think - based on a 1903 photo - with gorgeous views of the slowly moving Ohio River 300 feet from the front door. (see yellow house below)

  • The Holt House mentioned yesterday - halfway between Cloverport and Stephensport. The house has been preserved but much restoration needs to be done. It would be a good volunteer fundraising effort. (see large house below)

  • Joseph Holt's grave site (see below) along with those of his parents, John W. and Eleanor Stephens Holt

The morning was very cold but the afternoon lovely. The weather made it perfect for an afternoon in the outdoors. Our trek to the Holt house emphasized the absolute quiet of the location except for occasional bird songs (and the train). No children, cars, voices, or disturbing sounds. The Holt house has a large ginkgo tree in the back yard full of green leaves that glimmered as the setting sun shown down. We picked up a number of the leaves which, unfortunately, I think Anne is allergic to. She is sitting in bed with benadryl and gloves on her hands.

Tomorrow - the local historical society, the post office (I have found a house to rent when I get home so am mailing the lease), and then back out to more grave sites.


  1. Do you have any further information on the yellow house you list as the Bowmer House.? You mention a 1903 photo that I'd love to see. We are the new owners of the home. It has been empty for a couple of years and we just moved in 2 weeks ago and are still unpacking. Any further info would be much appreciated. Thanks !

  2. I can show you where Margaret Sterett Bowmer's parents and two sisters are buried in the Sterett Family Cemetery.