Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 118

Today was easy - just hanging out with Karl. We did some car servicing and then spent two hours at he airborn services museum in Fayetteville. If you ever get a chance to visit, this is a wonderful facility. It is sponsored by the Army and is open to the public a no charge. It traces the air services, particularly from the paratrooper's viewpoint, from its beginnings in WW II to present day. The exhibits flow easily from one to the next with realistic sounds, detailed explanations, good maps, and contextual verbiage. We could locate where my dad parachuted in to St. Mere Eglise and where Chuck's father was located in the Pacific. Very informative.

I left Karl about 3:45 and headed back to Anne and Carl's in Pittsboro. We caught up on the doings and had a nice dinner. Tomorrow - back to genealogy with several days in the NC state library this week. I hope to make good progress

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