Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 123

Anne and I made it through all the binders! I have about 20 to take home with me. We emptied one, trashed another. There are nearly 20 binders of photos and memorabilia from my grandparent's trips. Anne will take samplings, winnowing down the stack to 1. Then she will tackle splitting up all the photos from my mother's generation. The goal - by end of winter - is for her to be down to a manageable 20 binders - or so......

I have wonderful letters, a poem written by a Civil War prisoner of war, and lots of photos. Now the issue is how do I organize and present a coherent story. Anne and Carl are both creative so we have had a lot of discussions on this issue. I am still thinking but hopefully will get some writing time during my last week so I can at least create a framework.

Meanwhile, Anne and I are off to Rowan County tomorrow, looking for any information on relatives moving west towards Kentucky. We then will head (Monday) through the Cumberland gap and start serious grave site reconnoitering near Boonesborough and Lexington. From there we will head towards Louisville, Cloverport, Stephensport, and Henderson. We have a lot of area to cover in the next 10 days. I hope the weather holds. Around Nov 5, I will head back towards Frankfurt and spend some in-depth library time.

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