Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 113

Today we have mystery ladies. We have a lovely photo of 3 ladies in about 1850 or 1860 wearing their finest. The photo is on glass or porcelain and framed in an elaborate case. Our best guess is that one of the women is Grandpa Williams' grandmother Anna Hinken and the other two are her sisters. We also believe the photo was taken in Germany. If any relatives know more about this photo, please email me.

Also found today was the wedding photo for my great grandmother, Grace Catherine Geils (Grandpa Williams' mother) who was married Oct. 12, 1900. This is certainly "Grannie Williams" at her best. Later photos are much grimmer. Thanks to Aunt Anne, we also found and labeled photos of Grace's sister Marguerite and half sister Agnes plus her half brothers John and Henry. These have always been mystery people to me so it was nice to put faces to names.

We also found a photo of Grandpa Williams that looks much like my Karl, dozens of photos of my mom as a baby which I had never seen, and photos of my grandfather as a child in Florida. Much fun. In between all this, I managed to have the car serviced, see cousin Helen's soccer game (they won 4-0), enjoy a great car ride and conversation with cousin Matthew, and have a great dinner (including serenading by Helen and her friend) with Cathy and Rick's family. A day surrounded by family. And not to forget - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LIZ

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