Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 41

The morning was spent at the computer doing budgets. I then bugged out and decided to head up the road on route 1 for the Maine coast. The traffic wasn't too bad until Freeport. The home of LL Bean, the town has become a community-wide outlet mall. Streets of every possible upscale store in America and jillions of shoppers. No stopping here.

The traffic thinned and I enjoyed the lush scenery with glipses of bays, rivers and estuaries. Then suddenly the traffic clogged. 15 mph for several miles. I bugged off and headed towards the water and Booth Bay. No Traffic! I thought I was in like Flynn only to find the reason for the lack of traffic was that everyone was already in Booth Bay. I avoided the downtown chaos and moved around the water to the aquarium. A nice little effort by the community and perfect for kids. For adults - a bathroom.

After enjoying the waterfront, I headed back to route 1. Traffic was backed up for a quarter mile for all cars headed back down the coast towards Portland - I went northeast instead. The road was clear and so I headed for Rockland - one of the eastern most points in Maine. Just before Rockland is a darling town - Thomaston. White houses, dark shutters, white steepled churches. Established in 1605, it is the quintessential New England town. Just lovely.

After pictures of the Rockland waterfront, I headed home enjoying the perfect weather (Ray - it was motorcycle heaven).

I missed most of the traffic so the homeward journey was much shorter then the outward journey. Nice day and a break from the computer. I was conscious all day of the density of the forests and the miles of difficult terrain that our ancestors had to conquer to make a life here. More tomorrow.

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