Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 50

A quiet day. I Spent the morning working for District 20 and most of the afternoon/evening entering research into the computer. Boy do I have a lot of data. The good thing is that I am finding good cross references and citations for much of the Tukey and Sweetser lineage, creating a verifiable line. It also generates more research questions and areas to investigate. Current items include:
1. Stephen H. Tukey (GG grandfather) had a first marriage of 10 years before he married Julia Crie Dodge. He also had a child who died at age 7. (Who knew? - was not in any previous records.) Was this part of his motivation for moving to New York after his second marriage? Who were his connectors in the new location?
2. Can I locate a will for Abigail Sweetser Tukey?
3. Can I locate land deeds for Ezekiel Cushing who was here in the early 1700s? Ditto for John Tukey, Benjamin Sweetser?
4. Can we find any records of the Richardsons, Dodges, or Cries through land or vital records - no luck so far?
5. Are there ship's records for the Southwark Captain'd by a John Tuckey in 1702? Is there any connection with our John Tuckey/Tukey?

OK - these are my starting points for this week as well as reading the remaining files of Nathan Goold. I think I will sic Barbara on the Richardson search - I found some additional leads in my file that may help. The library opens tomorrow at 10.......

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