Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 59

Just a short post tonight since research is really boring on a day to day recounting. However, every day of research creates perspective.

By 1650 -
The Richardons and Blackintons were populating Attleborough, MA
The Sweetsers and highly involved in governing Charlestown, MA.
The Dodges were in Salem coping with the Puritans and, eventually, the witch hysteria.
The Cushings and Lorings helped move Hingham, England to Mass. and establish the town of the same name - where Mom and Dad were engaged!
The Coates and Peabodys were focused on the success of Stonington, CT.
350 years of American history into which were are interwoven.

100 years later, the family is expanding.
The Tukeys and Sweetsers are headlong into the development of Portland, ME while the Robinsons had already been there for 50 years.

I need to fill in the Robbins, Chicks, Cries, and Burdicks but otherwise, I am pleased with all that I have found and corroborated.

A bright nugget - I found the grave site location for Rev. William Bradford Dodge's parents! One more link in the quest to discover whether we are REALLY related to Gov. Bradford. :-)

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