Thursday, August 5, 2010

Days 45 and 46

I have survived the 48 hour 3 federal grant upload. No time for genealogy. I have alternately been mad and resigned. It took us four uploads of each grant to get them the way the feds wanted them (read - the instructions only tell you part of the story: They want the human subjects verbiage in four parts, not one, etc. even through this is never stated in the 106 pages of detailed submission insofmration.)

Yesterday, Barbara rescued me about 4pm and we went into Portland for a movie. Not a great movie but the theater was air conditioned. We then walked around the port district and she took me to a GREAT jewelry store where everything is hand designed. I just couldn't choose so I took a catalog. From there we went to a funky Irish pub - something I would have never found or tried on my own. Yummy food and good Irish music - both canned and live.

Today, after 9 hours at the computer and the grants finally accepted with 20 minutes to spare, I drove into Portland and returned to the infamous STORE. Bottom line, 90% of my Christmas shopping is done and I feel very pleased with myself. :-)

Tomorrow I finally get back to the Maine Historical Society. Can't wait. I keep waking up in the middle of the night to make notes on things to research. I hope to have great stuff to share tomorrow night.

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