Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 63

This was a fun day. The temperatures were moderate and the rain light. It was only the second day of poor weather since I left home two months ago.

Doug and I took off about 11:15 for Rockport, a lovely small town north of Salem. Doug and Cynthia used to take their girls there to play on the sand beaches and climb the rock boulder jetties. We just went for the ambiance and the views. We had a good seafood lunch then drove north of town to Halibut Point State Park. The park is on the site of an old granite quarry next to the ocean. There is a half mile walking path around the rim with various informational points. The views to the ocean were fabulous. Even in the rain you could see to southern Maine.

We then headed to Beverly and the cemetery site I couldn't find on Friday. I had done some exploring on Google Maps and had a better idea of the access point. We found a narrow blacktopped driveway between houses off Dodge Row and sure enough - there was the small Dodge Row Cemetery sitting in a field. Only 84 graves but still mowed and maintained. It obviously began its life as a family plot on farm land.

Poor Doug was a really good sport helping search for Phineas and Martha Edwards Dodge (grandparents of the Phineas and Lucy Dodge located in the Rowley Cemetery on Friday). The rain came down harder but he gamely read names and wandered into the bushes for a few obscure stones. Obviously, the non-Dodges or poorer relations were relegated to the exterior. We finally found the stones we were looking for. We had to scrape a lot of lichen off of Martha's stone but it was there and readable. Ah the joys of having a genealogist come to visit.

We took pictures of several more stones just because they were old and we KNOW they are related - just don't know how. Then home, an eclectic dinner with Emily and nap for Doug who has to go back out at 9:45 to retrieve Cynthia after her week long Vancouver conference.

Tomorrow I am off to Plymouth!

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