Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 69

Everyone was up early today. I caught the 7:25 train and was waiting when the NEHGS library opened at 9. Emily and her parents drove to the U of Conn where Emily begins her senior year. They had lots of fun with her roommates/suitemates most of whom she has know for 3 years.

My day of research was a mixed bag. Made some good confirmations on the Richardson family but struck out on anything new for Tukey origins. I have a real mess going with the Doles and Brocklebacks (new family members as of this week). The two families marry in the 1700s but I am having problems aligning the Rowley and Newbury vital statistics records to the probate and land records. Can't decide if there are 3 generations of Samuel Doles after William Dole and before Sarah or just two, one of whom married twice. Also if Mary Brockleback married in 1684 then she can't have been born in 1707 - duh - I hate gaps in the records or just that fact that I can't locate the correct records.

Robinsons are split between MA and ME plus there are a lot of them. No luck finding all the correct links from John. NO luck at all finding Cries although there are quite a few Rayners (Jane Rayner Crie's middle name) north of Boston. I'm just unable to hook up the right connection.

I will be sorry to leave the NEHGS behind but I need a couple of days to let things gel. Tomorrow is a chore day with set up for the cemeteries I want to visit in Hingham and Scituate on Tuesday. Doug, Cynthia and I had a nice dinner out tonight. The glass of wine I had has made me sleepy so I think I will snag my book and crash. Night all!

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