Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 44

Barbara informed me that I had two day 41s and a 42 - so I have skipped right over 43 to day 44. Hopefully, now I'm on track.

I had productive time this morning at my computer and then went off to the Maine Historical Society. I was there in less than 15 minutes and even found a parking garage. I spent most of my day with original documents from the Goold family. They married into the Tukey family in the 1800s and Nathan and William (father and son) did a lot of genealogy 125 years ago. I can't tell you the thrill of handling papers written 250 years ago - accounts, military documents, deeds, etc. Just amazing that people have saved it and someone like me can actually handle them. So here is what I found:

1. The hand written wills of Hannah Cushing Tukey and Stephen Tukey (son of John Tukey and Abigail Sweetser). The wills were written in 1817 and 1826. Notice on John's that he is illiterate and only makes his mark, not signing the will.

2. A "Book of Dates" from Nabby Tukey Clark (Stephen and Hannah's daughter) that she copied down based on lectures (probably about 1800). She starts 1656 BC and the deluge (think Noah) and ends with the Battle of Lexington (1775) and American Independence (1776). Very cool. A couple of pages are below.

3. I also have a handwritten account of the Louisburg Expedition in which a number of Tukeys and Sweetsers were involved (prior to the Rev. War). Haven't had time to read it all but that can be a winter activity.

4. Other sources revealed: John Tukey purportedly was born in Malden, MA not England (per Willis' History of Portland in 1856). More investigation needed. Found a listing for Jeremiah Cushing (Hannah's father) on the 1760 tax roles. First time I have found him. I also located great citations for Sweetser genealogy from 1554 to Abigail in 1730 - directly from the pastor in Tring, England and Massachusetts records - Yippee!!

Tomorrow I will tackle another box of Goold records (plus federal grants, a movie with Barbara and dinner out). A good day.

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