Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 73

Today was a day to get an overview of the CT coast, Mystic and Stonington. I headed for the lovely waterfront, enjoying the blue sky and water. I toured the Stonington Lighthouse including the climb to the top of the tower (see photo for a non-smoggy look towards NY).

I then spent a few hours at the Stonington Historical Library. Nothing much new in the Coats or Peabody files, and much to my frustration, not too many listings for family members in local cemeteries. Where did they go? Also frustrating was the split records between Stonington and North Stonington. I think I may have to spend a day in Hartford searching vital records and probates. One piece of information did surface. John Coats Sr. (father of the John Coats in upstate New York) was born in Lebanon, CT and has another Peabody lurking in his past). Oh boy. We already have Peabodys marrying Peabodys before they get to the Coatses. Now they are marrying in again.

After a long conference call with clients, I went back to genealogy. Becauase the Peabody lines are so convoluted, I worked backward from nationally vetted genealogy on Mayflower descendants. And so the next chapter in "As the Stomach Turns" begins. Let's see if I can convey this mess simply.
Generation 1: John Alden and Priscilla Mullins (yes, of Mayflower fame) marry and
have 10 children.
Generation 2: Their eldest child, Elizabeth, married William Pabodie (Peabody). He was
born in England about 1620. She was born in Plymouth, MA in 1724/25.
Generation 3: Elizabeth (1) and William (1) give birth to William Jr. in 1664. William Jr.
married Judith Tildon in 1693. After Judith died, he married Elizabeth
Throope and then Mary Morgan Starr (remember that name).
Generation 4:
a. William Jr. and Judith begat William III. William III married Jerusha
Starr - his step sister by Mary Morgan Starr.
b. William Jr. and Judith also begat Elizabeth Peabody II. She married
Edward Gray.

Generation 5a: William III and Jerusha had Thomas (b. 1727) who married Ruth Babcock
(they actually have graves in N. Stonington!). They had 13 children.
5b. Elizabeth II and Edward Gray have Anstrace Gray.

Generation 6aa. Thomas and Ruth have William (I know) Peabody. Let's designate him
William IV.
6ab. Thomas and Ruth also give birth to Lucy Peabody.
6ba. Anstrace Gray married John Coats, Sr. and begat John Coats, Jr.

Generation 7aa. William IV married Rebecca Brown and begat William Peabody V.
7ab and 7ba. Lucy Peabody married John Coats Jr and has Ezra Peabody

Generation 8aa. William Peabody V married Roxanna Burdick and they had Roxanna

Generation 9. Ezra Peabody Coats married Roxanna Peabody to produce George
Washington Coats who we all remember from 10 weeks ago in Michigan.

Generation 10. Emma Jane Coats married Eugene Davenport.

Generation 11. Margaret Davenport married Harold B. Tukey.

Generation 12. Loren, Lois and Ron Tukey

Generation 13. Me and all the cousins

Generation 14. Our children

Generation 15: Our grandchildren - for those of us who have gotten that far.

After all that - and let me tell you it took a lot of charts and paper to make sure I had it straight - I am headed for Rhode Island tomorrow. It seems all the Peabodys are buried in Little Compton. I know it is on the other side of the next state but since it's only an hour drive from here, I might as well risk the potential hurricane and get a few more shots for the family album. Stay tuned.

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