Monday, September 6, 2010

Days 77 & 78

Sorry I missed the blog last night. I fell asleep and didn't feel like getting out of the covers at midnight.

Fall is fast approaching. I needed a sweatshirt for my walk this morning. The past two days have been mostly grant work oriented. I also did some shopping yesterday to augment my wardrobe. The changes in eating and exercise are paying off. Tonight I have been exploring the various ancestry lines that converge in New Jersey - Tukeys, Davenports, Suttons. Wednesday night I have to check on the Atkinson side and see who else started their American adventure in NJ. I will spend several days working in Bergen and Somerset counties and then further south.

Tomorrow I leave for Riverside, CT and an overnight visit with a 2nd cousin once removed on the Atkinson side. Should be fun to meet new relatives.

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