Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 84

Just a short blog tonight. I spent the day "at home." Tom and Carol ripped tile off the walls in the kitchen in preparation for some kitchen renovation. I paid bills, did as much grant work as possible given the lack of info from clients, and labeled photos from yesterday. Delicious dinner tonight using a recipe for pork roast courtesy of cousin Harold III. Then Jonathan arrived home from his week in Pennsylvania.

In the midst of all the Sutton and Cox data this afternoon, I found a really good article with lots of citations that helped clarify the Cox lineage. Bottom line, Coxes and Suttons intermarried several times and Susannah Cox (who married Moses Sutton and moved to PA and Ohio) was the granddaughter and great-great-granddaughter of Isaac Cox. Two different children of his from two different wives had progeny that married to produce Susannah. I don't know whether to be excited about having fewer details to put in the database or more concerned because we could all be mental defectives!

Jonathan and I are off to Brooklyn in the morning. He promises no bridges on the way to the cemetery

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