Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 93

It was a business day. Despite the lack of supporting and signed documents at the beginning of the day, I finished both grants and had them copied and to FedEx by 3:30. I also managed a few personal errands made easier because Muriel knew where to go for services.

Dinner was fun with David talking non-stop about Star Wars. About the time we were settling in for the evening, the ice maker exploded sending water all over the freezer, into the refrigerator section, under the stove, and down to the basement. Towels and quick thinking to the rescue, David, Muriel and I managed to clear the mess and shut off the valve. A repair person is definitely in the near future.

Mom and Liz are on the road to Kentucky and the World Equestrian Games. They are putting in 12 hour days with the motor home to get to Lexington by Thursday. My brother John is there attending a veterinary seminars so they are trying to connect before he heads back here to Chambersburg.

Tomorrow I head for Carlyle, PA for some work on the Sterrett family. Will let you know how the day goes. Now - off to see a Lego pyramid before David goes to bed.

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