Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 94

Today I was off to Carlisle, PA and the Cumberland County Historical Society. I was looking for information on the Sterrett family. The last grandfather we had was John Sterret (b. 1779) who married Sarah DeHaven.

The Historical Society had two large files on Sterretts. I am here to tell you that there are a lot of them and they spell the name Sterrett, Steret, Sterret, Sterett, Steritt........ However, I finally found the right strain. The greatest blessing was that John and Sarah had 7 children two of whom had the names Green and Baird. These are fairly distinctive so when I found a John born in the right year and married to Sarah D. Havens with 7 children including the two wild names, I figured I had the right group. John's parents are Alexander (d. 1786) and Mary (d. 1801) and granparents are Samuel Sterrett (d. Lancaster Co, 1776) and wife Margaret (died 1801 in Augusta Co, VA).

I missed getting Samuel's will in Lancaster County because I was uncertain which line was the correct one. However, I can send for it. Margaret's will should be in Augusta County and I am headed that way next week. Amazingly, Alexander and Mary both moved and then died in Franklin County, PA - and their records should be right here in Chambersburg. Their son John's birth record may also be here. I may have to ask brother John to get copies for me as I must head to Westmoreland County, PA in the morning (based on the hours and days open of the historical society).

Tomorrow in Westmoreland County I will be looking for Edward De Haven and his marriage record. I will also look for John Sterrett because he supposedly left the Franklin/Cumberland County to the area closer to Pittsburgh.

David and I had a great evening together while Muriel worked a PTA fundraiser.

Happy birthday to Ray! How could I possible have a 31 year old son???? His son Archer is crawling, pulling himself up, trying to stand, and "talking" up a storm. Sounds much like his father and uncles.

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