Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 86

Go Trenton! I had an easy drive from Red Bank to Trenton through horse country, past golf courses, and along winding roads with only the last 15 miles on the interstate. No tolls, no high bridges, a lovely river (the Delaware).

I easily found the NJ state archives. They are truly set up for visitors. The security people guide you to the elevators and point out the quickest way to get from one building to the next. The Archives staff are delightful women who are cheerful, up beat and ready to help or anticipate any concern. I was able to look through a lot of materials finally settling on copying the wills for Philip Cox Sr. and Jr., Moses Sutton (maybe our Moses Sutton's grandfather but I have to decipher the writing), and David Sutton (Moses' father). I hope these provide the documentation I need to verify the intergenerational lines.

I then found Julia Dodge Tukey's will. I was unable to find it at the Bergen County Surrogate's office last week. Her husband's (Stephen H.) will is very short and lacks detail. On the other hand, Julia's will names all 8 of her children, appoints her daughter Isabella as executor and guardian for the youngest son Roy, and details their various building lots in Ridgefield Park which Isabelle may sell as she sees fit. The probate records also includes a death certificate. In another microfilm record, I retrieved the marriage certificate for Armenia and James Tukey. An altogether satisfying day topped with realizing the parking garage next to the archives is free to visitors!!!

Tomorrow I head to Philadelphia to begin looking for Atkinson relations.

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