Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 96

The blog almost didn't happen tonight. I was getting no wireless signal at all, from the campground or from Verizon. I started the blog via my Blackberry - not pretty - and then tried more troubleshooting. Finally a message came up - very fancy language but the bottom line was - " Turn the computer internet switch on dummy." So we will now proceed with tonight's update.

I had a beautiful 7 hour drive through the hills of West Virginia and across Kentucky to Frankfort. It was fun to see signs for Rostover Township (where Edward DeHaven enlisted for the Revolutionary War) and Uniontown (birthplace of Moses Sutton) slide by as I made my way out of Pennsylvania. Entering KY, I almost drove off the road as I crossed the Licking River and saw the signs for Boonesborough.

Mom and Liz are in a nice RV park outside Frankfort, KY as are several friends from the Pullman, Montana, and northwest horsey set. It was great to see them and we had several hours to catch up. Everyone is now at the opening ceremonies for the World Equestrian Games. I opted to NOT pay for a very pricey ticket.

However, I did have the opportunity to spend ONE hour this afternoon at the KY Historical Society. Just enough to whet my appetite and be anxious to come back in a month. It is a lovely facility and the Kennedy surname file alone has five folders. Can't wait to start. Tonight while everyone is gone, I am surrounded by maps and old articles trying to trace down General Thomas Kennedy's grave - maybe a field trip tomorrow??? Wouldn't the horse people love a cemetery crawl??

Who knows. It is just good to see the faces I have lived with for the past 14 years. Can't wait to see Karl in NC in a few weeks. I am sure he is glad to see that we spelled his middle name correctly on his birth certificate with 2 Rs and 2 Ts (Sterrett). Of course with all the variation, almost any spelling would be correct. :-)

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