Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 95

Fiona, for once, headed for the local highway (US 30) rather than the interstate. I had a gorgeous drive from Chambersburg to Greensburg through the mountains (max 2600 ft in elevation - like going from Colorado Springs, to Woodland Park). The leaves were turning gorgeous reds and yellows and blowing crisply across the road. A true fall day.

I found the small Westmoreland County Historical Society by noon. After five hours, I had done lots of looking and reading but no real success. I was really hoping to find the marriage record between Rebecca Johnston and Edward DeHaven but no luck. The Presbyterians were very good at recording sins (e.g., swearing, expulsions from the church, out of wedlock children) but more casual about births, deaths, and marriages.

There were plenty of John Johnstons but not one that fit the parameters for Rebecca's father and no wills to investigate. There was a Solomon and an Isaac DeHaven in the neighborhood (who are probably cousins) but no Edward. Supposedly he enlisted for Revolutionary War service in this county, but no luck on that front either.

One snippet was some information on Sterretts. They were related by marriage to Daniel Boone. The local Sterretts were on their way to NC to join him in the 1770s so they too could go to KY. However, a large snow storm and the lovely countryside waylaid them and they decided to stay in PA. However, the connection between the families may provide a rationale for why our John Sterrett made his way to KY.

Speaking of which, I have decided to take the weekend and visit Mom and Liz. They are in Lexington, KY for the World Equestrian Games. The historical societies in Augusta County, VA are not open over the weekend so I am making a run to KY tomorrow, will visit with them on Sunday and head for VA on Monday. I can't pass up the opportunity when it is only a 6 hour drive. More tomorrow from KY.


  1. Looks like I might be the one Sterrett that made it to NC...imagine that...a few centuries later. Loving catching up on all of your adventures. Say hello to Liz and Boots for me! Love ya!

  2. Yes, it is nice to know your are representing the Sterrett lineage. Liz and Boots send hugs. Love, Mom