Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 87

A quick update tonight. I left Red Bank this morning making my way to Philadelphia. Found a nice open parking lot at 11am so I could participate in a conference call for work. As I made my way south of Trenton, the land changed from rolling hills to flat tidal plains. Up and over a large bridge (at least it had high sides) and into Philadelphia about 1pm.

I actually found my way downtown to check out the Genealogical Society. The staff were very nice but could not provide much help. All their microfilm and files have been moved to the PA historical society. We all noticed that I don't have too many names or specific locations for Pennsylvania so it may be a bit of a lost cause. I will focus on the DeHavens and Stephens since I have some specifics on them. On the schedules is Montgomery County (just NW of here) and the Dave museum on Revolutionary War activities over the the next couple of days as well as the Historical Society.

Meanwhile, I took a walking tour of Germantown, enjoying the 18th century architecture and warm sun before heading to David and Louise Tukey's. They have a lovely home on 3/4 of land. The front of the house slopes to the street but the back of the house is the treasure. They have filled it with trees and shrubs adding to the large Chestnut already ensconced and made a wonderful city hideaway. It will be a very pleasant place to stay. Great conversations catching up with these cousins over dinner on the back porch.

Tomorrow I must work on grants. The blog is doomed to banality.

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