Monday, September 27, 2010

Days 97 and 98

Obviously I didn't get a blog written last night. Too many people in the motorhome and too much catching up.

Mom, Liz, a friend Caroline and I had a fun day yesterday. We headed south from Frankfort to Paint Lick, KY. This little village on the Paint Lick Creek and not far from Boonesborough was home to Gen. Thomas Kennedy (gggg grandfather). He had 15,000 acres on the bluffs above the creek and established a large plantation with 200 slaves. Although the three-story brick home is no longer there, we went in search of the old Paint Lick Presbyterian Church and cemetery. We found both and were lucky enough to walk directly to Kennedy's gravestone. He is buried with his first wife who fought off the Indians as they tried to burn the couple's first home outside Boonesborough. Agnes must have been well loved and respected. She died at age 41 and the couple's only child also died young (age 16) not long after. Thomas then married our gggg grandmother, Edna Withers, and they had four more children. Despite the fact that Thomas and Edna were married for at least 25 years, she does not appear to be buried at this site. In the photos below, Agnes' gravestone is in good shape but Thomas' is very worn (probably because it is a marble, horizontal tomb cover). Replacement stones have been erected at both sites in addition to the original stones.

Along the way we thoroughly enjoyed the rolling hills, horses and beautiful fences. Many individuals have also begun painting a quilt pattern above their barn door - rather than the Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs. We did U-turns, drives into the ditches, and stopping on hilltops in order to get photos.
From Paint Lick we drove east to Berea, KY, home to many artisans and Berea College. The college specializes in teaching young people practical arts and encouraging them in artistic endeavors. We had a great lunch and lots of fun shopping.
We finally staggered back to the motorhome about 7:30pm. We met up with Dee and Steve Thomson from Pullman, WA and Holly Hilliard and friend from Florida - all horse people - for evening snacks.
The horse group was up and out the door this morning at 7am. The first dressage ride was at the Kentucky Horse Park at 8:30! I took my time and left about 9am. It rained and was overcast for my whole drive across KY and WV. The WV mountains are very pretty - a tapestry of colors, wisps of fog and clouds - much like Scotland but with lots more vegetation. I made Staunton, VA about 5pm. Tomorrow - back to genealogy. I have an intense two weeks because we have a lot of people to track down.
A late Happy Birthday to my sister Ann who turned 40 yesterday. She kicks off the era of zeros for us girls with mom turning 80 in January, Liz turning 50 next fall and me hitting 60 the following spring. Let's hear it for wrinkles!!!!!

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